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Digital Initiatives - Process

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# Title Link
1 Web Based Integrated Library System Click Here
2 Reporting Internal System (Syslogin) Click Here
3 Asset Location System Click Here
4 Library Support System Click Here
5 Library Document Management System Click Here
6 Reference Desk Management System Click Here
7 Staff on Duty Click Here
9 MyRA UiTM Library Click Here
10 Executive Information System V2 Click Here
11 Executive Information System V1 Click Here
12 Input for EIS (via ptardoc) Click Here
13 Online Database Management System Click Here
14 Customer Feedback System Admin||Reporting
15 Server Montoring System Click Here
16 Computer Lab Information System Click Here
17 SEPADU Click Here
18 Library Attendance System Click Here
19 e-Jari System Click Here
20 Reporting Barier Gate Click Here
21 Meeting @ PTAR Click Here
22 eDaftar Mesyuarat PTAR Click Here

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