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Journals Checklist

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1. List of Journal Indexed by Mycite (CLICK HERE)

2. List of UiTM Journal Indexed by MyCite (CLICK HERE)

3. List of UiTM Journal Indexed by MyJurnal (CLICK HERE)

4. List of Journal Indexed by Scopus (CLICK HERE)

5. List of Journal Discontinued by Scopus (CLICK HERE)

6. List of Journal Indexed by WoS (CLICK HERE)

7. List of Journal Indexed by ERA (CLICK HERE)

8. List of Journal Indexed by ERA -- Online PTAR Service (CLICK HERE)

9. List of Online Databases subscribed by PTAR in Reference to QS Subject Ranking 2021 (CLICK HERE)

DISCLAIMER : The list will be update from time to time by referring to the information that provided by Online Databases SCOPUS, Web of Science, Research Management Centre (RMC), Bahagian Sitasi dan Infometrik (BSI), KPT and all important sources that related.


This page is intended to raise awareness of predatory publications. The recommended listing is based solely on individual opinions and therefore does not represent any authorised or organisation entity.

1.Beall’s List of Predatory Publishers -

2.Beall’s List of Predatory Journals -


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